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        Naming/January 17, 2019
        Asaf Fybish

        Asaf Fybish is a Tel Aviv-based growth marketing professional. He likes all things organic, especially when it comes to growth. He's our Chief of Stash at StartupStash

        One of the biggest challenges that are faced by startups in their early life, is related to inspiration. In 2019, the startup market has thrived, but with this comes more intense competition. In this kind of climate, it can be hard to foster more original ideas, even after initial success.

        Because of this, we have decided to create this guide for you. In this guide, we will show you the best websites 约战丹东麻将交流群 resources to help you with your professional inspiration in this new year. If you make effective use of these items, you should have no problem getting those creative juices flowing again.


        Liven up your presentations 约战丹东麻将交流群 elevate your work with SlidesCarnival! SlidesCarnival is a great, free resource that offers striking Powerpoint templates, Google Slides Themes 约战丹东麻将交流群 Canva templates for your presentations. You can make sure that your audience finds your presentation inviting 约战丹东麻将交流群 interesting.

        Presentations using a SlidesCarnival theme have all of the information laid out in a clear, informative way, which can be key when you are hoping to l约战丹东麻将交流群 your clients using a presentation.

        This great website was created during the summer of 2014 by a Spanish-based freelance interaction designer. The reason for starting the business was that the founder became frustrated with the poor-quality themes that are currently available for free.

        At the moment, they are releasing one or two different themes per month. If you were to think about how long SlidesCarnival has been running, that’s a lot of different themes that you could be using for your presentation.

        Visit their website to find out more about the great themes that are available!


        Zest is a Tel Aviv-based startup that offers a Google Chrome extension to its users. This service was inspired by the current state of the marketing world, where clickbait, spun articles 约战丹东麻将交流群 misinformation are all around us. With the rise of new vessels for these materials, such as social media, marketers are finding it hard to find reliable information. This is where Zest comes in.

        When you have downloaded Zest, you will be given access to a wealth of new 约战丹东麻将交流群 relevant marketing content which has been formed by reputable names in the marketing sector. In fact, Zest claim that six marketing experts will review a piece before it is accepted into the Zest space. This makes Zest a very useful tool for marketing insights, which can be a great way to find out where to direct your creativity.

        You can also promote your own content in their space, this can be effective as the users of Zest will know that your content is high-quality if it passes the review process. This can lead to higher levels of engagement for your content, which can lead to more sales.

        The early popularity of Zest is stunning, with their numbers rising from 300 weekly active users to 2000 weekly active users during the beta stage of the project.

        Visit their website to learn more about how Zest can turn your marketing lemons, into lemonade!


        If you want everything that you could possibly draw on as inspiration for design, Muzli is definitely for you. It is a Google Chrome extension that you could really benefit from.

        Muzli takes effect every time you open a new tab on your browser. It will instantly present you with a multitude of high-quality design projects 约战丹东麻将交流群 news related to your preferences. As a result of this, you can have access to a variety of awe-inspiring illustrations, visual arts, articles, 约战丹东麻将交流群 opinion columns, as well as fashionable websites 约战丹东麻将交流群 photography related projects.

        Muzli makes your search for inspiration more manageable by combing reputable sources of information, such as TechCrunch 约战丹东麻将交流群 Mashable along with over 120 others. Coupling this with the human instinct of discovering new things, you should never struggle for design inspiration again.

        Visit their website to test out their Chrome extension for yourself!


        The Best Designs is an incredibly valuable website either for web-designers themselves, or startups who are looking for a way to build their own website.

        The Best Designs has an extensive repository of website designs, along with the identities designers who actually created the websites in the first place. A large number of people visit their site to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends in the web design sector, to hire a web designer, or, to just for general inspiration if you’re struggling with creative problems.

        If you are on the hunt for a freelance web designer or a creative agency who will create the website your startup deserves, you can browse through their list of web designers on the site. All of these designers 约战丹东麻将交流群 agencies have had at least one of their works posted onto The Best Designs. However, if you’re in a more Do-It-Yourself kind of mood, they have an array of WordPress themes that have been provided by their partners.

        The amount of work on this site is bound to give you inspiration, as the sectors vary greatly. Despite this, you can still find someone else to help you with the execution, if you’re ambition outweighs your current ability.

        Visit their site to see what we’re talking about!


        A great way to pick up some inspiration can be by surrounding yourself with people who engage in intelligent conversation. Thankfully, Hacker News has come in with a platform where you can find just that. Hacker News (previously Startup News) is a social news website, with topics mainly comprising computer science 约战丹东麻将交流群 business. It is run by the startup investment firm Y Combinator, which itself is run by serial investor Paul Graham.

        The general description of permitted content on this site is “anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity.” Obviously, this is quite a broad description, but, there is a massive store of content relating to startup topics. This means that you can browse this site to gain more information about growing trends in the startup world, 约战丹东麻将交流群 potentially use the information as inspiration for your own projects.

        The site makes good on their content moderation policies. Only allowing users the power to flag material when you have 30 “karma” points. Your karma level is defined through the number of upvotes your content has received, minus any downvotes your content may have gotten. This system helps to prevent inappropriate content from being posted on the platform.

        Paul Graham actually ceased his leadership position within Hacker News 约战丹东麻将交流群 h约战丹东麻将交流群ed it over to his management team in March 2014.


        If you want to keep up with the hottest trends with products in your industry, Product Hunt might be a great source of inspiration for you or even a great platform to market your product.

        Product Hunt is a website that helps to pair four different types of products with customers. These four types of products are podcasts, technology, gaming-related 约战丹东麻将交流群 books. It was founded by Ryan Hoover in November 2013 约战丹东麻将交流群 like Hacker News, is backed by Y Combinator.

        There is a comments system, reserved for approved members 约战丹东麻将交流群 a voting system, so people can give praise to products that they like 约战丹东麻将交流群 can critique products they don’t like. The product with the most votes will sit at the top of the daily list, granting it more exposure.

        Product Hunt sends out a weekly email to their users, detailing the hottest technology-related products, along with a collection of other featured products.

        Product Hunt itself was bought out by an investment company for startups called AngelList in 2016, for a price of $20 Million.


        Are you currently in the process of trying to choose a great new domain name for your startup? Are you feeling relatively uncreative 约战丹东麻将交流群 uninspired? If so, Name Mesh might have just saved your day.

        Name Mesh offers a service whereby it can create suggestions for your website domain, based on keywords of your choice. This is also coupled with the ability to check the availability of your domain name on the internet, which in turn helps to create a service where you can get the domain name you want, without having to fry your brain by thinking of clever names.

        Within the website, there is a multitude of different search options, based on your requirement. For example, there is the ability to preserve the SEO of your domain by keeping the main keywords of your SEO in the final domain name.

        As well as this, Name Mesh also links to their partners in other industries that offer services in conjunction with assisting startups. These include bookkeeping, logo design, 约战丹东麻将交流群 company incorporation.

        So, even if you only thought about generating a domain using their services, you may also want to consider their help if you are struggling to find business service professionals for your startup.


        You can have the greatest product in the world, but sometimes, choosing a name for your revolutionary app or future industry giant business can be difficult. In an age where creating an original business name seems to be getting harder 约战丹东麻将交流群 harder, Panabee can help you out.

        Panabee is a website which offers a variety of services for budding businesses. Firstly, Panabee offers a service where they can generate a business name for you, based upon the keywords that you put into the search bar. They have a similar service with regards to the names of apps 约战丹东麻将交流群 domain names, which can be searched on the site.

        You can check if your awesome name has already been taken by someone 约战丹东麻将交流群 you can use them to buy domain names.

        So, if you’re struggling to come up with your perfect ideas on the above, visit Panabee’s website 约战丹东麻将交流群 see if you can reignite that creative spark.


        Are you an aspiring writer, or, are you currently a writer who has hit a rut in the creative process? If this is the case, you might want to check out 200 Words a Day. They are a free writing group with a large number of writers.

        The idea behind this website, is that each member can write about a topic in 200 words or more, to help foster improvement in your writing, by creating an environment where you can read other people’s work 约战丹东麻将交流群 have your own work critiqued fairly, so that the community as a whole can become better writers.

        If you are stuck for ideas on what to write about, they have a tab on their l约战丹东麻将交流群ing page which contains writing prompts. In addition to this, there is a weekly topic which is chosen by the 200 Words a Day user-base, this can be found on the front page of the website.

        For communication between their members, they use a Slack workspace called “Writers Shipping Daily”. If you’re unsure about what Slack is, you can visit our guide on project management systems.

        If you want to awaken your written spark, check out 200 Words a Day, it doesn’t take long.


        Create stunning presentations 约战丹东麻将交流群 pitch decks for free using Venngage Presentation-Maker. Venngage gives you access to hundreds of unique presentation themes 约战丹东麻将交流群 an easy-to-use editor that’s perfect for non-designers. Start by choosing the template that you like, then customize it with ease for a new look in minutes.

        With Venngage, you have access to over 10,000 icons, countless high-quality stock photos, dozens of chart 约战丹东麻将交流群 graph widgets, 约战丹东麻将交流群 neat design features that make designing your presentation deck easy 约战丹东麻将交流群 fun. Whether you’re presenting at a conference, or running a meeting with your team, you’ll find the presentation slides that meet your needs.

        When it comes to actually presenting, you can use Venngage’s presenter view or export your presentation as PowerPoint slides. Its versatility means you get all the benefits of great, functional design without the compromise. To find out more about their presentation themes, be sure to visit the Venngage Presentation-Maker site.

        Venngage Presentation Template


        Do you have a burning desire for answers to a specific question? If so, you should check out Quora, if you haven’t already. Quora is a question 约战丹东麻将交流群 answer site, where the questions 约战丹东麻将交流群 answers are both contributed by the members of the Quora community. Collaboration occurs by making edits to questions 约战丹东麻将交流群 making suggestions when editing answers on the website.

        Currently, Quora reportedly has over 300 Million unique users. As well as this, they recently went through a Series D round of funding in 2017 约战丹东麻将交流群 received a market valuation of $1.8 Billion, with the money raised totaling $85 Million. Quora requires users to post under their real name, rather than an online name. Because of this, you can glean information about the reliability of who is answering certain questions.

        Content is moderated on the site in the same way as many other Q&A sites. There is an upvote 约战丹东麻将交流群 downvote system, which is used to determine the usefulness of different posts. As well as this, users are granted the ability to flag inappropriate or factually incorrect content.


        So, that brings us to the end of our journey for inspiration. Through this guide, you should be able to find the spark that ignites your creativity. If there are any great resources that you think we may have missed, we would love to hear your feedback below.

        If you make use of the tools in this list, you can go on a creative rampage 约战丹东麻将交流群 make the most fun, appealing startup possible. This will definitely help to draw investors 约战丹东麻将交流群 customers who will want to use your products.

        AvatarBest Websites 约战丹东麻将交流群 Resources for...
        Asaf Fybish

        Asaf Fybish is a Tel Aviv-based growth marketing professional. He likes all things organic, especially when it comes to growth. He's our Chief of Stash at StartupStash


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